An update regarding Data Reduction Software for your LA-ICPMS

22 Apr 2016 12:00 PM – Iolite now available with RESOlution LA systems
The RESOlution Team at Australian Scientific Instruments (ASI) is pleased to announce that we are the first authorised Laser Ablation system supplier of the Iolite Data Reduction Software (
Iolite has been extensively tested and developed at the University of Melbourne (Australia) using the RESOlution laser ablation system with the leading GeoStar Control Software.  This development will continue and provide the user with a fully tested and integrated software for your LA-ICPMS instrument.
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The ASI RESOlution Team

RESOlution Laser Ablation Instrument – NEW Service Options

13 Nov 2015 9:06 AM – NEW Service Plans & Contracts

ASI has streamlined the RESOlution Service options to increase flexibility for its customer and to provide the best possible optimization package for your needs. 

For optimum operational and ablation sampling performance, ASI recommends that your instrument be serviced every 12 months with the full replacement of laser optics parts.  The cleaning of laser optics parts is an alternative to replacement; however this may not be advised on every service visit based on the operational frequency of use and the age of your instrument.

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