Products and Services

ASI manufactures a variety of scientific instruments and devices which are summarised below. ASI is committed to providing as much information as possible to customers around the world. If there is any information that does not appear in the following instrument links, or, the links for our new instruments are not available as yet, please request the information on the contact us page.

Laser Ablation

RESOlution Laser Ablation Instruments for LA-ICP-MS. With an outstanding cell design, a powerful excimer laser and exceptional software, a RESOlution instrument is…

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Helium Analysis

The Alphachron™ is the first commercially available, automated, integrated and compact turnkey system designed for the extraction and measurement of gases…

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(U–Th–Sm)/He dating

The logical combination for Geoscience analysis. In response to requirements of university and industry partners, ASI has developed a unique instrument with the capability to c…

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Ion Microprobe

The Sensitive High Resolution Ion Micro Probe (SHRIMP) IIe is a high precision Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer (SIMS). Ion microprobes make in situ isotopic and chemic…

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