RESOchron Instrument

Geothite B

He Pit

The logical combination for Geoscience analysis.

In response to requirements of university and industry partners, ASI has developed a unique
instrument with the capability to conduct U-Th-Pb-He triple-dating and trace element
characterization of mineral chronometers. This instrument answers the needs of applications
in basic geoscience research such as tectonics and landscape evolution studies, as well as for
industry applications in petroleum basin analysis and mineral exploration.

Laser ablation helium thermochronology samples a precisely defi ned, defect-free volume of
the crystal, with a known surface area, thereby overcoming two uncertainties in the traditional
method of bulk crystal measurement. Double dates are obtained quickly and at low cost in a
compact instrument based on RESOlution Laser Ablation (LA-ICPMS) and Alphachron™ technologies with
well established heritage.

RESOchron Applications

The RESOchron extends the capabilities of the Alphachron, allowing rapid double dating of
samples which allows ‘hot zircons’  to be rapidly identified in large sample sets.

Technical notes on the application of the Alphachron to diamond exploration, assessment of
sites for nuclear repositories, petroleum exploration and tectonic research are provided on the
Download page.