Exceptional laser ablation

RESOlution LR

The RESOlution-LR is a robust, high energy, 193nm excimer laser ablation system, offering an industry leading Laurin Technic sample cell and pioneering GeoStar μGISTM software. Incorporating the latest in Coherent laser technology for increased optical performance and flexibility.

  • HIGH ENERGY laser ablation
  • Guaranteed fluence to exceed 45 J/cm2
  • Fast Washout Times ( 99% in <1s)
  • Fully integrated laser control
  • Split Stream options
  • High Energy 193xm excimer laser
  • On-sample fluence ³ 45 J/cm2
  • Laser pulse width of 20ns
  • 40 maskwheel aperture positions as standard
  • Spot size range of 2 μm to 380 μm
  • Industry leading S155 sample cell; dual volume, constant volume
  • Smoothing SQUID device included
  • Flexible mounting options with nine (9) sample holders to choose from ​
  • Compatible S155 fast and ultrafast transfer kits available for imaging and mapping
  • Split Stream ready
  • Geological Analysis
    • Isotope Ratios
    • Transparent glasses
    • Geochronology
  • Environmental Analysis
  • Isotope Fingerprinting
  • Imaging/Mapping
  • Depth Profiling
  • (Paleo-)thermometry
  • Forensics