Transfer of SHRIMP Business to DTDC

Canberra, ACT 27 September 2018 – Transfer of SHRIMP Business to Dunyi (Beijing) Technology Development Co. Ltd (DTDC)

Australian Scientific Instruments Pty Limited (ASI) is pleased to announce that the rights to manufacture, sell and support the Sensitive High-Resolution Ion Micro Probe (SHRIMP) will be transferred to Dunyi (Beijing) Technology Development Co. Ltd (DTDC), a company established and supported by the Beijing SHRIMP Centre.

The Board of ASI has been mindful that the future of the SHRIMP for the geoscience community required further investment and an ability to broaden the skill base. ASI could not continue to fulfil this strategy on its own.

Accordingly, it was important to identify a potential partner that had experience and expertise in the use of SHRIMP technology, advanced manufacturing and a commitment to its future.

Our review identified the Beijing SHRIMP Centre, led by Professor Liu Dunyi, as the obvious candidate.  BSC has two SHRIMPs and has been successfully operating SHRIMPs since 2001. It has developed its own TOF instruments and has seven SHRIMP technicians plus additional high technology capability. Importantly Professor Dunyi and his team are committed to expanding and supporting the SHRIMP community in the future.


This transfer will take effect from the end of 2019 once ASI has completed the current build of the new SHRIMP V for the Shandong Institute of Geological Sciences.

In the meantime, ASI, ANU and BSC will be working closely together to transfer the formal and informal capability to ensure DTDC is able to respond to the SHRIMP community’s demands for new instruments, upgrades and support.

If new or existing customers  are intending to acquire a new SHRIMP or upgrades then DTDC will submit the applicable proposal with the assistance of ASI. If new assistance can be completed before the proposed handover then ASI will do that work in collaboration with DTDC. This will depend on ASI’s team having capacity to undertake such projects given the time and effort required to complete the build for the Shandong Institute of Geological Sciences.

ASI will perform servicing, emergency repairs, upgrades and supply of parts in the normal way until the end of 2019 provided we can complete that work before the end of 2019. After that, DTDC will be fully responsible for such work. DTDC will liaise with John and others to determine how such support can be provided.

DTDC will provide technical advice post 2019. DTDC will be discussing potential involvement of ASI’s existing SHRIMP team in assisting with such service and the details of that will be provided by DTDC well in advance of the final handover.

ASI and DTDC are conferring with the ASI SHRIMP team led by John Hyder and Professor Ian Williams to be able to call on their deep and broad skill and expertise in the future.

ANU and BSC intend to forge closer collaboration with a view to continuing to develop improved SHRIMP capability and ongoing supply of components.

Some members of the community may be concerned about the ability of DTDC’s team to travel and to provide appropriate communication. DTDC understands that some countries have different rules for entry. However DTDC will be a private business and not a Government agency. DTDC therefore expects to be able establish suitable arrangements. DTDC intends to employ service personnel who have appropriate language skills

Further Information

The global SHRIMP community may have questions about the future of the SHRIMP. ASI and BSC encourage you to contact Professor Dunyi or myself. Our details are:

Paul McGinness


+61 2 6126 2105

Professor Liu Dunyi


On behalf of ASI’s SHRIMP team I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the many years of support that you have provided to ASI. I am confident that the future of the SHRIMP will be secured.


Paul McGinness
Chief Executive Officer
T: +61 2 6126 2105      M: +61 417 415 351